Tuesday 25 March 2014

The thing about babies is they're not anything yet. I know - what a ridiculous thing to say, but at the beginning, they're nothing by a clump of cells and their parents' hopes and dreams. 

My friend Jenn is expecting. (You've met Jenn here, and here, and here.) She and her husband are massive Doctor Who fans - they're planning a Doctor Who themed nursery, and even did a Doctor Who baby annoucement!  

Of course I had to knit a jumper. 

A little blue hand knit baby jumper, with a colourful striped button band.

Do you get it?

A tiny baby sweater being modelled by a loaf of bread.

The 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, modelling his famous Doctor Who Scarf.

How about now?

Confession time: I've never seen a single episode of Doctor Who, so I asked a couple of self-proclaimed fans if it'd be appropriate and recognisable before I started knitting. 

It's a simple variation of a very simple pattern - Ravelry project is here, for those of you thinking about making your own. The body was knit, and then I picked up stitches to knit the scarf. 

Close up of Dr Who scarf collar, focusing on a short row wedge.

The scarf/collar/button band is shaped with short rows so it sits flat on the shoulder. See that wedge of cream? Those are short rows. I improvised the whole thing until it felt right-ish. All the scarf colours are from my scraps bins. 

Doctor Who inspired Baby cardigan.

Rather then fiddle with buttons, I popped one snap just at the collar. Snaps are better for new mums - and I omitted the scarf's fringe because that just seemed to be asking for trouble. 

It was simple and fun (except for all the ends I had to weave in!!) and is probably the perfect bit of baby knitting for a little Whovian. 

Why is it on bread? That's another story.


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