Sunday 16 March 2014

Opossum World

Opossum World is a taxidermy tourist attraction in Napier, New Zealand.

There's a taxidermied possum peeking out from a hollow in a tree.

It's uniquely decorated with… taxidermied possums.

A taxidermied opossum pulls a funny face. It's neck is at an unnatural angle.

Possums are a nasty pest in New Zealand, so they didn't strike me as grotesque - just as karmic justice.

A small, white possum, rides a larger brown possum. They both look very soft.

Napier is the art deco capital of the world. A taxidermied possum wears a fringed flapper dress.

A taxidermied possum tries to hide on top of a switch box.

A taxidermied opossum wears a nightgown and cap, and carries a candlestick.

A soft looking taxidermied possum munches a plastic leaf.

A creepy taxidermy possum stretches out its tiny dead arms to the viewer.

A taxidermy possum peeks out from behind a net curtain.

A taxidermy opossum stretches out its little arms like a zombie.

Opossum World also sells merino, possum skins and furs. It's right on Marine Parade in Napier - I'd recommend dropping in if you're ever in the neighbourhood.


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