Tuesday 26 March 2013

Selfie of me and Jenn. We're grinning and wearing big, dark sunglasses.
 Mt Tongariro in the distance. It is snowcapped and the sky is very blue. 
Image of a snowcapped, perfected pointed, mountain in the distance.

Jenn in a red hat, standing in front of a mountain.
Selfie of me and Jenn, wearing hats and identical smiles.
Mt Taranaki, still visible in the distance. The view is mostly sky.
A red-volcanic mountain.
A closer view of the red mountain.
Blue lakes in a red volcanic crater under a blue sky. 
Me, with my arms lifted in celebration. Jenn, with her arms lifted in celebration.
Selfie of me and Jenn. We are wearing beanies and have zipped up our jackets.
 A view of a mountain with a red streak down it, under a very blue sky.
Jenn sitting cross-legged, looking at the crater lakes.


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