Saturday 28 June 2014

The Solution

Recently I reread the entire Animorphs series. For those of you who weren't kids in the 90s, it was about a group of teens who were gifted the power to turn into animals. They used this power to fight an alien invasion (they win, eventually). 

Book cover of The Mutation by K.A. Applegate. It shows a teen boy turning into a whale.

Sunday 22 June 2014

I knit a hat. It's squishy and blue and has a pompom. 

A blue tardis hat with a pom pom sitting on a loaf of bread.

Recognise the shape? It's a tardis! I used this pattern, and found it very good. 

Recognise the bread? It's a baby hat. (More on baby-bread here.) 

A blue tardis hat with a pom pom sitting on a loaf of bread.

I gave it to Jenn and Zac. They liked it! 

Jenn and Zac opening gifts, smiling.

Jenn told the crowd, "This is actually the second Doctor Who themed item Rachel's knit for us. She also knit this cardigan, with a scarf knit right in."

Jenn and Zac opening gifts, smiling.

It was a Doctor Who themed baby shower, of course. 

A blue cake with a fondant-ed tardis sitting on top.

Baby showers are kind of odd things, aren't they? I always think it's wonderful to gather the community, and help give new parents the things they might need, but they have kind of a staged effect, the pantomime quality which comes from collecting strangers together. "You know," I said to someone I went to high school with, "I don't think I know anyone else here." 
"I was just thinking the same!" She said, "It's so strange - I know Jenn so well, and yet - " she gestured to the crowd. 

And there was a crowd, which was wonderful to see, all the people who care deeply about this child, and are looking forward to welcoming it into this world. 

It was wonderful to see the children at the party as well, and know the child is coming into a community where young ones are valued and loved. 

A small child is being handed a helium balloon and she is SO HAPPY about this.