Friday 11 January 2013

Short rows are a knitting technique which add more fabric to a piece. They're used to make heels of socks and add shaping in cardigans and all sorts of useful things.

To knit a short row, you knit halfway across a row, turn your work, and purl back. This can leave a gap, which is where you'd wrap and turn: the wrap and turn hides the gap. 

I learned short rows before I knew what I was doing and didn't have the sense to be intimidated by them. This is the best way to learn anything.

A friend who is a much better knitter than I am is having trouble because most of the instructions out there are written for English knitters (who hold the yarn in their right hands) rather than Continental knitters (who hold the yarn in their left hands, and scoop it up. Any newbie who wanders into G Unit is taught to knit Continental it's a wee bit more efficient and more importantly makes transitioning between crochet and knitting easier).

Here's a list of short row tutorials for Continental knitters:
My advice for my friend was bugger it - if you can't manage to wrap and turn, you can always darn the finished product.


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