Saturday 22 March 2014

It's now legal and free to share Getty Images on blogs, and other social media. This is a big change, and a good one. People have been using their images illegally anyway: make it free and you remove the temptation to steal while retaining some control.

So how do you use Getty Images in a blog?


Search for the image you want. You're a blogger, so it's late at night, and  your hands move really fast. 

Find a stock image which describes you. Click the image's embed icon (</>) from the search results or image detail page, and paste the code into your blog post. Make sure you do so dynamically.

You can see the embed button in the image above, if you'd like to embed it in your own blog, or share on Twitter or Tumblr, it's just a click away.

Get feedback - Ask your clean looking group of friends what they think

They love it! Hit publish on your blog.

 And there you have it! The perfect blog.


Extra for experts: don't use embedded Getty images in your blog. 

They look all same-y. The iFrame means Getty retains control and the images could disappear at any time and that credit thingy looks dumb. They don't allow for alt text, which is terrible for your SEO, and (much more importantly), makes the web an unfriendly place for people who use an image reader.

Don't steal images from Google. There are a ton of different places where you can get images for free, or, I don't know, take your own.

Try harder. Blog better.

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  1. Excellent post, I think you made your point!