Monday 6 January 2014

Rejected Images

Once a week or so I post a cute picture to my work's Facebook page. Which means once a week or so I dig through the internet to find The Cutest Picture.

I look for images which tell a story or have some narrative potential, which leads to googling ridiculous phrases, like "the happiest cat," or "startled dog."

There's a lot of cute pictures out there: they can't all make the cut. Here's a few pictures I've rejected.

Tired happy cat.

Surprised cat happy.

Cat in Christmas tree lights.

Cat in Christmas tree decorations.

Cat in Christmas tree.

Sleepy happy fat cat.

Happy cat smiling.

Tired kitty.

Kitty tummy.

Cat Christmas Tree.

Cat stuck in Christmas Tree.

Surprised cat.

Startled Cat.

Surprised cat scared.

Happy dog.

Scared cat.

(These images are scraped from the first page of google images. If one belongs to you, let me know and I'll remove it or credit you.)