Monday 19 September 2016

30: A Think Piece

  • 30 thinkpieces to write by the time you're 30
  • Adulting: You're Doing It Wrong 

  • 29 Times Your Friends Will Stand By You (And 1 They Won't) 
  • 30 Reasons You Still Haven't Published A Book: She Saw The Publishing Industry And You Won't Believe What Happened Next
  • What To Do When Knitting is No Longer Cute Or Ironic (Hats!)
  • 27 Cities To Visit In By The Time You're 30 (And 3 To Live In) 
  • A Degree Is Not A Prophesy: Why University Matters, But Not THAT Much
  • 30 Cats To Hug By The Time You're 30

  • Everyone says It Gets Better After 30... But Does It? An Investigation. 
  • 30 #Cool #Tweets For #BirthdayBitches
  • When I Turn 30, I'm Giving Up #Filters For Good
  • Here's 20 Reasons Why Selfies Were The Best Thing About My 20s
  • 30 Nights Out You've Enjoyed, But Can't Remember 

  • Does it Matter That I'm 30 and I Haven't Kissed 30 Men? 
  • You'll Want These 30 Etsy Sellers to Paint a Portrait for Your Attic 
  • Peaches on the Beach: Birthday Picnic Ideas 
  • 30 Teenagers who are More Successful Than You'll Ever Be
  • Lit-stergram and Other Neolisms You Won't Understand 
  • We Found It: The Perfect Wine To Drown the Dawning Awareness of Your Own Mortality 
  • The 90s Are Back: Why You're Not Too Old To Wear That A Second Time
  • How To Style That Silver Streak 
  • The Real Reason Why All Your Friends Have It Together (And You Don't) 
  • 30 People To Delete From Facebook
  • Moisturiser: A Love Story
  • Unlocking The Wisdom of The Ancients (Now That You Are One)


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