Tuesday 15 April 2014

Tweet This!

Save earth! It's the only planet with Twitter!

Adding a twitter button to your website is one of those things which sounds like it's going to be hard. Fortunately it couldn't be simpler.

This page lets you create all the Twitter buttons you could ever want: just follow the prompts, and paste the code into your page. Try it out!

While we're talking about bringing social media into your blog or website, did you know it's possible to embed a Facebook post, embed a Pinterest board (or pin!), and add a Find Me on LinkedIn button? Embedding Google Maps, and Google Forms is also incredibly helpful. I use ShortStack a lot at work, and you can even embed the Facebook apps you create right into a website

It can seem like a huge faff to embed, say, a Pin into a blog post, but there's a few reasons why you might do it. 
  • Embedded content can be updated at the source. Got an urgent correction? You only have to update one thing. 
  • Embedded content remains the property of the creator. In this post, for example, I mentioned my friend's pregnancy announcement. Embedding her Pin, instead of saving and reuploading the image means she retains control over the image and can remove it at any time.


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