Thursday 17 April 2014

Not all YouTube videos are shared equally. When uploading your masterpiece, you can tweak the settings, so it's only viewed by people who you really want to see it.

The YouTube Generation.

There are three options:

  • Private - only you can see the video. Why are you uploading a video you don't want anyone else to see? We use this option to check all the details before releasing a video on the day of a campaign. It can only be seen by a maximum of 50 people if you send them a special URL, and they log into their YouTube accounts.
  • Unlisted - only people with the link can see the video: it will not show up in search results. This is a good option for videos you want to share, but keep private. My ukulele band uses this option to share videos of strumming patterns and harmonies taken at practise. It wouldn't be a disaster if one of those videos got out (unlisted videos can be passed on and viewed by anyone with the link), but it we would much rather keep it quiet!
  • Public - everyone can see the video, and it will show up in search results. Oh, and it will automatically be posted to Google+. 

You can change the privacy settings of your videos here.

The best way to control privacy online? Don't put anything online that you wouldn't mind others seeing.

The internet is real life.

As much as we pretend that it isn't, the internet is real life. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face don't put it on the internet. 

Context is everything, because you talk differently to your boss than you do your best friend - I'm for honesty and transparency over Best Behaviour at all times. But if you'd spew vitriol in the comments section that you wouldn't say to your worst enemy, you're being bad at internet.


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