Thursday 14 March 2013

5. Increase strength, muscle tone.
4. Quell free-floating guilt caused by living in a looks-obsessed society and triggered by that girl at work's diet talk.
3. Quell guilt at money spent on gym gear, membership.
2. Avoid rush hour traffic by working out directly after work at the gym by work.
1. Dawning realisation that the combination of internal training and/or recumbent bike and a smart phone means you can read the Internet for an hour and feel irritatingly smug about it.


  1. Yeah, strength is overrated. Many years ago I used to lift weights four times a week. The weights got heavier, so I was getting stronger, but I never at any time found this extra strength to be useful in real life. I guess I was better prepared to rescue someone trapped under a fallen tree or something.

    Now my priority is just trying not to die of a heart attack.

  2. When I was doing more weights, I felt super-strong, but I could never beat anyone at arm wrestling, so IDK what the point was of it all.

  3. Swimming is nice that way, being a stronger swimmer could potentially pay off in you or somebody else not drowning.

    1. In theory. I find not going in or near large bodies of water equally effective though!