Tuesday 19 March 2013

Here is an interactive illustration of the wage gap in New Zealand.

And here are some screencaps:

At first you think things are about the same - how far we've come! How progressive! - and then you notice they're written with different scales. The top line is $1,000 in the fella's graph, just $600 for the ladies.

Let's break it down by city.
 The levy on being female is $290 a week.
In Wellington, it's $244.

To put that in context - I spend somewhere between $244 and $290 on food and rent every week. If you didn't have to pay for food or accommodation, how much richer would you feel? How much richer would you feel if you had that same amount of money in your pocket every week?

Have a play with the tool - I don't suppose it'll be online forever. It was made by a clever coworker, Davey P, with data pulled from statistics New Zealand. What's the wage gap in your area like?


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