Saturday 16 March 2013

My most popular post is about abortion. This isn't because it said anything new or interesting or ground breaking, but because people are Googling abortion in new zealand and finding me.

I asked someone who actually knows something (I just know blogging! I'm not a health professional!) and compiled a short list for anyone looking for resources for accessing abortion in New Zealand.

    If you're looking for someone to talk to about all this right now, hit up Twitter (#ProChoiceNZ).

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  1. Thanks for this Rachel. It's good to populate the Web for all those Googlers out there. Coz the antis are sneaky. They like to appropriate "choice" so Googlers will go to one of their sites instead of to a place that really does believe in choice. There's a new site, for example, called pregnancychoice[dot]org[dot]nz It's not as overtly anti as some of the sites, but if you dig around a's all "keep the baby" great; "abortion" risk, scary, depression...sort of thing. Seems previously, these sites never listed "abortion" as one of the "options". Now I guess the idea is to include it, and make sure it's all bad, bad, bad.