Wednesday 25 September 2013

Use Your Words

Sexual violence services in New Zealand are chronically underfunded. Wellington Rape Crisis is currently funded by Hell Pizza, who only gave them shut-up money after they rewarded a Facebook user with pizza for sexual assault.

But! "After a lot of hard work and a brave, confronting campaign lead by Green MP Jan Logie, Parliament has finally agreed to hold an inquiry into the funding of sexual violence services." Coley goes on to list why these services are important and I suggest you read the whole post.  

If you're still not convinced, head over to The Lady Garden, for detailed information on making a submission, and (thousands of trigger warnings), a gut-wrenching personal description of sexual assault. (more trigger warnings).

But really all you need to do is click here and make an online submission. One in four New Zealand women and one in ten men will suffer sexual violence in their lifetimes. This issue matters, and it matters to you and your loved ones. Use your words and tell the government why we need to fix this.


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