Wednesday 25 September 2013

1. To cook marmalade in a pressure cooker, first slice your whole, scrubbed citrus finely. I used third-hand grapefruit, which someone from some fecund suburb gave to a Coworker, who gave them to me.

Weigh your fruit, then place in the pressure cooker, with enough water to just cover. Bring up to pressure, and cook on high for ten minutes. This is the article which convinced me to buy a pressure cooker. You've never had chickpeas so good as pressure-cooked ones.

Let the pressure come down naturally, if you can be bothered waiting. Test the peel: it should smoosh easily between two fingers. Add one-and-a-half or two times the uncooked fruit's weight in sugar (to taste), stir to dissolve and boil for five minutes.

Pour your marmalade into your sterilised jars, and process them in a water bath if you plan to store them at room temperature. Or just put it in clean jars and store in the fridge.

2. To make a marmalade gin and tonic, place a scant tablespoon of marmalade in the bottom of a glass and add gin to your liking. Stir.
The jelly-parts of the marmalade will dissolve, leaving just the peel parts. Add ice, and top up with tonic water.


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