Wednesday 15 May 2013

Over Ruled

The ASA have returned their ruling on the complaints we made: it was not upheld.

They asked that I did not forward their complaint to the media, which I found a little weird I remember having a discussion about whether bloggers constituted "the media" in 2002, and I'd forgotten we never resolved it. (I think that bloggers are media in name, but seldom are in practise.)

Jump back here if you can't remember what I was so het up about or what the complaint was.  The full response follows: click each image to read, all emphasis mine, obviously.


Obviously, I'm annoyed that the complaint I made was not upheld.

What I'm worried about is the Chairman's ruling: "People have the right to express their views and this right should not be unduly or unreasonably restricted by Rules."

You can say whatever you like on your blog (I do!), or to you friends (I do!). But you can't get all up in the traditional media with out-and-out lies. That's why we have an Advertising Standards Authority; it's not some nanny-state job-creation exercise for under-employed English majors.

I am really disappointed that the ASA did not play by their own rules. I am also delighted that we have marriage equality in New Zealand. We won this round, and this inaccurate, offensive advert was a giant waste of money.


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