Friday 4 January 2013

A picture of white sand, blue water, a sky scattered with fluffy clouds and a black headland in the distance.
A shot of a beach. Two small children play in the waves.
This beach picture is washed out: the colours are off.
This beach shot is all sand and sky. It is over saturated with colour.
A shot of the roof of a tent from inside. It is all blues.
A shot of three old china plates on a picnic table.
A picture of a BBQ.
A shot of three boys, taken from the back, walking down a beach.
A picture of a dead stingray in the sand.
A shot of fluffy grass that grows along the shore. When I was a child, we called it "bunny tails" because that's what it looks like.
A shot of a stage, from a distance. It is washed out, and no details are visible.


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