Wednesday 30 January 2013

1. The response to the last post was very complimentary. Thank you to the nice people on Twitter who said nice things! I was quite drunk and only took those photos on my iPhone, so I really think the space deserves the compliments more than I.

2. The space has been opened up before. It has served as a gallery. 

(I heard of this scheme in - 2005, 2006? The talk was memorable because the guest lecturer forgot to state what it was about. He spent twenty minutes drawing threads of thought together, without ever having given us a subject to group them around. He spoke about history, and access to public spaces, and a dozen other things illustrated with slides of maps and architectural concept drawings. He stopped abruptly: "But I never told you the best bit! It's meant to be a gallery.")

The exhibition was Picture Perfect In A World Of Chaos.

3. You should click through and look at the images - there are some more here. I enjoyed looking at the art work very much, and also thinking how a few of the shots mirrored my own. This is partially because of ego, and partially because of the ticklish thought that maybe some things are best photographed from one particular angle - that any other angle is not impossible, but boring and a little pointless.


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