Sunday 2 December 2012

Festivus 2012

December's such a busy month, Josh and I thought that G Unit should get together and celebrate in case we were too frantic to catch up another time.

Yes, we know we're part of the problem.

Yes, we know Festivus is traditionally celebrated on December 23rd.

An artificial Christmas tree. The top section stands on a bare base.
Yes, we know that's not an aluminum pole.

Everyone brought a plate. I did chicken and roast veggies. We also had silverbeet and bacon salad, pasta salad, rye bread, cheesey muffins, spicy nuts, ginger crunch, dark chocolate, pink wine, cherry bourbon, almond and coffee vodka, strawberries, fig and chocolate cookies, and six types of cheese.

A platter containing four types of cheese, and crackers.
We talked, and ate, and sprawled on the floor, exhausted from eating too much. We knitted and Courtney taught Emma to crochet. Seven hours later, we decided it might be a good idea to go home, at some point.

It was the best Festivus ever.


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