Tuesday 4 December 2012

The Burrow is all decorated for Christmas.The Burrow is so called because it is more-or-less underground, hence the non-view and our shiny ceiling. Me and Flatmate like it though: it's cozy, warm, and the rent is cheap.

A backlit window hung with Christmas baubles.
The baubles are hung on sewing thread.
A close up shot of the window, showing blocks sitting on the windowsill.
The blocks are wooden candlesticks I've painted with chalkboard paint.
Two ceramic deer sit on the windowsill.
The deer belong to Flatmate. I think I like them more than they do: I'm always pushing them more to the centre of things.

I like the decorations - that's all there are - we don't have a tree - but they make the Burrow much more festive.


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