Friday 27 March 2015

A bundle of knitting

I've been knitting lately (and always). Here's a bundle of recently finished projects.

This baby hat was for Jenn, who apologised for losing the first one I knit her. "You USED it?" I said. "I'll knit you another one in that case." It was the hat she dressed her baby in to take home from the hospital: baby's first car ride, a seminal event. I was so touched when I learned that I cried a little. Of course she can have another.

No pattern, except in my head - I've been thinking about writing it up.

The second set is just the same, without the ears, for Jenn's sister, and also to use up that skein of blue - there is a lack of boy-babies in my circle.

I knit a lace shawl in a beautiful fingering weight mink (mink!!) I bought a few years ago.

It has a glorious drape, and a gentle halo.

The pattern is Shore

There's no pattern for this next one - it was meant to fit a niece, but. 

Hmm. Whatever.

I finished a sweater!! This is the Peggy Sue

It's got a deep cable hem to pull in the waist. 

And I added tiny, vintage mother-of-pearl buttons.

Finally - I ripped out the ribbing of the hat I made Jesse two Christmases ago, and reknit it deeper. It popped off his head before, and while I didn't mind so much in the heat of last Christmas. This Christmas I crocheted his dad a hat which fits perfectly. 

"I like your dad best, that's why his hat fits," I teased. But we were going to the South Island, the boy needed a hat.

He threw out his boughten-hat, which is tremendously gratifying, but looking again at that ribbing, it could have been an inch deeper still. 

Finally! I know I have been absentee recently (an old joke - Q: How do you begin a blog post? A: Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but...), please take me at my word when I say I couldn't help it, and there were reasons. Thank you all for sticking with me, and let's get back on the horse together.


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