Sunday 7 September 2014

On election night, we’re having a party. We’re going to drink themed cocktails (Muldooned Wine and Champagne Socialism), and watch the votes come in. And we’ll play a game or two while we argue about Epsom. I’ve* made a new deck of Cards Against Humanity, and you can play it too.

What’s Cards Against Humanity? Read about that here, or see all Cards Against Humanity posts here.

#CAH14 - that’s a riff on #Decision14 - is a game for one night. It’s not going to be all that funny after the 20th, but who cares, it’s good now.

It’s vaguely non-partisan - it’s just as easy to make fun of the left as the right with this deck. Maybe easier, because I know more left in-jokes, so there’s more of those.

There’s not enough cards to make a full deck, so mix it up with your current deck, like the feminist version, or the NZ version. View them all here.

Because I made this deck, it contains references to some of my favourite political and political-ish people. Hi.

Because this game is released under a creative commons license ("you can use and remix the game for free, but you can’t sell it,") I’d encourage you to do what I did, and add your own cards. You can download blank cards over at the Cards Against Humanity website.**

Print it, play it, tweet it. If you like it, leave a comment!

*Like everything else on this blog, views are entirely my own, and do not in any way represent the opinions of my employer. That’s why you’re reading this on myname dot co dot nz. Also, @Rageaholic_ helped out with the deck, and @jkrshw @j20r @joshypickles and @nintendoug and Dan helped test-play it and I can’t thank them enough. 
**Recently it emerged that one of the inventors of Cards Against Humanity is probably a rapist. I would encourage you not to give him money, and play the sanitised version .

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  1. This is an awesome idea & funny cards too. Thanks for sharing! :)