Tuesday 16 April 2013


Over the weekend, my craft group, G Unit, went on retreat. We left Friday after work, me and Josh and Nat and Annette, and drove through the dark to Taupo, where Josh's family have a place we can stay in.

The lounge is arranged so we can have a lazy-boy each, so we clambered into them and there we stayed.

On Saturday, we went out to brunch and ate eggs bene with pork belly.

We went to the markets, and patted some alpacas.

Then we went back, and sat, until it was time to go home.

Do I need to tell you how nice it is to sit quietly with people, away from home? There are no nagging distractions on holiday. No laundry to do, or errands to run. It is nice to sit with people who understand you, and who also want to talk about the different types of decreases one can knit, and do so without wearing any makeup or underwear and while wearing a tiger onesie.

The things we do daily; those small household tasks, the faces we apply to see the world through, chip away at us, at the essential part which knows how important cable crosses are. Holidays can restore that; they can make us ourselves.

When we were talking about #GUnitRetreat on Twitter, someone quipped, "Never retreat; only go forwards," and I reckon that's about right.


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